Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Thank you for all of your kind words for the Pagan Icon Top 50!!! 

The next list I am working on is for our literary side.  Several authors were voted onto the Icons list, King, Rice, Harris and our number one, Neil Gaiman.  Now I want to know what your favourite books are...

It doesn't have to be strictly on the subject of Paganism, Witchcraft, the Occult, Vampires, etc.  Have fun with it!  It can be Fiction or Non-Fiction, a Graphic Novel or a book for Children.

I will include comments below, messages on the FB group (A Pagan's Life for Me) or on my Twitter page @FAccordions.  All voting will end on February 10.  All voters will be entered to win a drawing for a Psycho Boo Basket valued at $150.00!

Good luck!


  1. Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun. Its so full of meaning and symbolism you're head will spin...plus he's that white dude the Aztec's were talking about. The Urth of the New Sun is a really nice finisher, wraps things up nicely.

  2. I will do a top 5 in no particular order. T.H. White's "the Once and Future King." Umberto Eco's "Foucault's Pendulum". Neil Gaiman's "American Gods."
    The entirety of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. And Tom Robbin's "Jitterbug Perfume," (and most of his other books too).
    These all have pagan/occult themes as well as powerful writing that can continuously bring me back to revisit beloved pages.