Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rumour! - Guy Ritchie to direct XERXES?

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Nordling here.

300 was a boon for Warner Brothers and for Zack Snyder, propelling his career and WB's profit margin.  It was probably a matter of time before another film would be announced, and sure enough, XERXES, based on Frank Miller's upcoming prequel, got greenlit for Snyder to write and direct.
But since Snyder's obviously busy with SUPERMAN, he can't be two places at once, and so Warner Brothers has decided to offer another director the project - none other than Guy Ritchie, according to Vulture. I like Ritchie as a director and I liked SHERLOCK HOLMES quite a bit.  It would be interesting to see his take on Miller's work, if this happens.  Considering that Miller considered 300 "deliberate propaganda" will his XERXES be an alternate take of those events, or document Xerxe's rise to "godhood"?  Time will tell.
The article speculates that WB is worried about SUCKER PUNCH and how it will be received.  I can't wait for SUCKER PUNCH myself, it's got robots, and samurai, and hot chicks, and guns, and dragons, and explosions, and maybe more hot chicks, and Scott Glenn - it's the perfect geek fetish movie.  It's probably a palate-cleanser for Snyder, and now that he's gotten all these images out of his system he can put his full attention on SUPERMAN.  I'd imagine that SUCKER PUNCH won't be for everyone; like WATCHMEN, it plays to a niche.  We'll all know soon enough in March.
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