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David Bowie's Will Specifies That His Ashes Be Scattered in Bali in Accordance With Buddhist Ritual

Jackson McHenry

Weeks after his death, the details of David Bowie's will have been made available to the public. According to the New York Times, the 20-page document was first prepared in 2004 and dictates that the legendary rock star's body be shipped to Bali, cremated there, and that the ashes be scattered on the island, "in accordance with the Buddhist rituals of Bali." If cremation on the island was "not practical" — and, apparently, it was not, as Bowie's body was cremated in New Jersey on January 12, according to the death certificate — Bowie stated that he would like his ashes scattered there nonetheless.

The "Last Will and Testament of David R. Jones" (titled as such, because Bowie never legally altered his birth name) estimates the legendary rock star's estate to be worth as much as $100 million. Bowie left half his estate, as well as his SoHo apartment, to his wife, Iman, a quarter to his son Duncan Jones, and the last quarter, as well as his mountain home in Ulster County, New York, to his daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones. He also gave $2 million to Corinne Schwab, his personal assistant, and $1 million to Marion Skeke, his son's nanny.

Bowie had a lifelong interest in Buddhism and, as a teenager, considered becoming a Buddhist monk.

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