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**Mature Content** - 21 Witches In Art History Who Are Actually You On Your Period


1. This witch knows her period is coming soon because of the wrath coursing through her body.

“Podgers Catching a Witch” engraving by J Simpson / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

“I hate everybody, especially you.”

2. This witch just got hit with a killer cramp and is trying to find a position to relieve the pain.

Water-ordeal. Engraving. XVII. / Wethersfield Historical Society / Via / Creative Commons


3. This witch is begging her co-workers for painkillers.

Okabe - The cat witch / Via / Creative Commons

“Please, Marion, I know you have Ibuprofen in your desk drawer.”

Okabe - The Cat Witch / Via / Creative Commons

“Give it to me or I’ll steal it when you’re in a meeting.”

4. This witch just realised there’s no bin in her office toilet.

Detail from “Sextus Pompeius consulting Erichtho before the Battle of Pharsalia” by John Hamilton Mortimer / Via / Creative Commons

“Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do with all of this then?”

5. This witch needs everyone around her to shut the fuck up for once in their lives. / Creative Commons

6. This witch is exhausted at the thought of leaving her house.

The Love Potion, Evelyn De Morgan / Via / Creative Commons

“Sorry, Mark, why don’t we go for a country ramble next weekend?”

7. These witches live in a houseshare and their periods have all synched up, so it’s a bit of a shitshow every month.

Witches by Hans Baldung Grien (Woodcut, 1508) / / Via / Creative Commons

Witches by Hans Baldung Grien (Woodcut, 1508) / / Via / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

8. This witch is brewing up several gallons of tea to help her through this difficult time.

John William Waterhouse - Magic Circle / Via / Creative Commons

She knows caffeine can make things worse, but Lord knows she deserves a hot drink right about now.

9. These witches are helping out their friend with her back pain.

Baldung hexen ca1514 / Via / Creative Commons

“Literally just put your full weight on my back. Just stand on me – ohhhh god, yes, that’s helping.”

10. These witches have brewed up some seriously powerful painkillers.

The Three Witches from Shakespeares Macbeth by Daniel Gardner, 1775 / Via / Creative Commons

“Mmmmmmmm yes, I feel nothing now.”

The Three Witches from Shakespeares Macbeth by Daniel Gardner, 1775 / Via / Creative Commons

11. This witch needs to be left the fuck alone.

A Visit to the Witch. Edward Frederick Brewtnall 1882 / Via / Creative Commons

“I cannot talk to those two idiots. Not now.”

12. This witch has been hiding in a fortress of blankets for 36 hours.

Henry Fuseli, Jahrhundertausstellung 1906 KatNr. 0561 / Via

13. This witch bought herself a pile of trashy mags to help take her mind off things.

Salvator Rosa - The Witch / Via / Creative Commons

14. This young witch is suffering some evil cramps, but luckily her cool aunt is there to give advice.

The Young Sorceress oil on canvas 1857 / Via / Creative Commons

“Straight to bed with a hot water bottle, dearie.”

15. This witch made a huge mistake coming to work in her condition.

Kean Collection / Archive Photos / Getty Images

Kean Collection / Archive Photos / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

16. This witch is clotting like mad.

17. These witches are so bloated they can’t get their jeans on.

Hans Baldung / / Creative Commons

“Welp, just gonna have to wait it out naked.”

18. This witch just sneezed and is worrying about the consequences.

Morganlfay / Via / Creative Commons


Morganlfay / Via / Creative Commons

19. These witches don’t understand why they get so horny on their periods.

Johann Heinrich Füssli / Via / Creative Commons

They know it doesn’t make evolutionary sense, but they may as well enjoy themselves one way or another.

20. This witch is riding a goat backwards, cursing everyone in fucking sight.

Albrecht Dürer / Via / Creative Commons

“Fuck you, and you, and especially you.”

21. This witch is finally finished and couldn’t be more relieved.

Départ pour le Sabbat / Via / Creative Commons

“See you next month, bitch.”

Hannah Jewell is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.

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