Thursday, October 28, 2010

I love this time of year...

The candy, the ceremony, the scary demons dressed up like politicians!  Shiver...

Have a great Samhain/Halloween everybody!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unintentionally hilarious Christian film review of the week - Paranormal Activity 2

From Christian - "If we really think about this one it is a no brainer. Having not seen this movie, and for good reason I think it's safe to say that no believer in Christ should waste their prescious moments on something that puts the enemy and his kingdom on an entertainment “fear” pedastal. For fear is not from the Creator. Being “spooked” for fun is just giving some sort of authority to the one whom the bible calls “little” or “is that it”. The enemy wants you to think that there is no way out. That you can't lay your head down on your pillow without thinking that the things in this movie are reality for you. The fruit of the spirit is peace, don't fall for this trap.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Extremely Offensive / Moviemaking quality: none
—Shawn, age 30 (USA)"

Good Morning...ugh...

Morning all on this lovely week of Samhain!

News Fluff -
- Val Kilmer Is Twixt Now And Sunrise For Francis Ford Coppola's new film - Empire Online
- Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder Are a Hot Topic in Miami - Popsugar
- Pumpkins and face paint: celebs swapping glam for gruesome at Halloween - Hello Magazine

(Note - Is it just me or does Val Kilmer look like Glenn Quagmire in recent photos?  LOL!  Happy Birthday, Seth MacFarlane!)

Monday, October 25, 2010


Another morning, another pot of Vampire stories to brew...WHERE ARE OUR MOVIES, PEOPLE!!!  Harry Potter is ending...step it up!

- Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder Take ‘The Vampire Diaries’ On Tour - Pink in the New Blog
- Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi Meet Their 'Tangled' Counterparts - Just Jared

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who is your Pagan or Witch Icon?

I am currently compiling a list of the top Pagan Icons of the last 100 years.

Feel free to vote on the right side of the blog or in true democratic fashion (hear that, Washington DC), write in your candidate in the comments area.

This weekend, I will post the complete list!

Let's have a contest that will do some good...

With the recent rash of teen suicides, I had the idea of having a raffle for charity.  In honour of those we have lost to bullying and fear over being different, I am having a raffle with 100% of the proceeds going to one of my favourite charities, "To Write LOVE on Her Arms."  Tickets are $1 for 1 ticket or 6 tickets for $5.  The prize is an Edible Arrangement valued at over $50!  The drawing will be held on 10-17-10, in time for Thanksgiving.

For more information or ticket purchase, email me at A Pagan's Life (For Me) or message me on Facebook under Wendy Chiles or APLFM.
Check out TWLOHA's website at to find out more about the great work they do..

Good luck!

Details on the Prize - Delicious Celebration: Dipped Strawberries
A fun and delicious design with half the strawberries dipped in gourmet chocolate, fresh pineapple stars, pineapple daisies, grapes, cantaloupe and honeydew. Container may vary.

*This contest is not sanctioned by TWLOHA.  This is an outside promo to pay forward some of the blessing I have received lately.  We need to help those that are without hope.

All the news that you need...

After a much needed siesta, I'm BACK!  Didn't you miss me?  Didn't you?  I know you did a little.  Not even a little bit??? 

This weekend in the Pop Culture Nightmare world that we live in - LOL!!!

- Paranormal Activity 2 Scares Up $41.5 million, Hereafter Delivers Decent Bow - Indie Wire
- Idris Elba talks 'Luther,' 'Thor,' Alex Cross, why it's okay if he does 'Ghost Rider 2', and who should replace Michael Scott - IMDB
- Martin Freeman to play Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit - Hello Magazine
- Animal magic: Russell Brand buys Katy Perry a tiger as a wedding gift, she gives him an elephant and fortune-telling parrot predicts a happy marriage - Daily Mail


AND THE WINNER IS...Stef Schoepple! She won a 50$ Amazon Gift Card. Congrats and stay tuned for the next contest and our official launch on 10/31/2010.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wonder Woman Returning To TV As Series Written And Produced By David E. Kelley

Deadline Hollywood - 10/1/2010

This has to be the highest-profile effort to bring Wonder Woman to television: One of TV's best-known creators, The Practice's David E. Kelley, has come on board to write and produce a new series project about the female superhero. The project, from Warner Bros. Television where Kelley is based, and Warner Bros.' DC Entertainment, will be taken out to the networks shortly. Kelley, who has created several female-centered shows, most notably Ally McBeal, had been interested in tackling a contemporary take on the World War II-era Amazon. He recently met with the DC team who also have been looking for ways to launch a new Wonder Woman TV franchise. Details on the reboot are being kept under wraps, and it is not clear if the new Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince will keep her signature powers and weapons, including her Lasso of Truth, her indestructible bracelets, her tiara and her invisible airplane. In the comic books, the Wonder Woman character has evolved significantly since she first appeared in a 1941 issue of All Star Comics and recently underwent a controversial makeover.

Warner Bros. TV has brought DC characters to the small screen before, most recently with the CW's Superman-themed Smallville, which is in its 10th and final season, and Fox's Human Target, which returned for a second season. But Wonder Woman has presented a challenge both for feature and TV creators. That's probably because she is the most famous female superhero in the testosterone-dominated comic world. And because she also is a big feminist icon. (Reps for Warner Bros. TV and Kelley declined to comment for this story.)

The most successful screen adaptation of the Wonder Woman comic books was the TV series The New Adventures of Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter in the title role, which aired from 1975-1979, first on ABC and then on CBS. Carter has since become synonymous with the character. That will certainly present a challenge in casting the role if the project goes to pilot. A notable recent effort to launch a new Wonder Woman series came a decade ago with Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman creator Deborah Joy LeVine as the writer.

On the feature side, a Wonder Woman film has been in development hell for a decade at Warner Bros., with Joss Whedon at one point attached to write and direct for producer Joel Silver. In May, Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer confirmed that a new Wonder Woman feature is in development. There has been a concerted effort on part of Time Warner lately to better mine the DC properties across different platforms. The film division is expected to announce a slate of DC movies by the end of the year that would probably include Wonder Woman.

For all of the social minorities out there...

You are better than the bullies.  You are more than the sum of the taunts.  You are an amazing person.  You are better than they are.  Suicide is not the answer.  Go to your family.  If you can't, get help.  We love you and you can grow out of the shit that you have been planted in.  May Athena grant you the wisdom to know that it will get better and karma will bitch slap your taunters into a new time zone.  Be brave!

This is for Billy Lucas, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Tyler Clementi and now Raymond Chase...