Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schoolgirl ordered by cult not to have abortion because baby was 'occult child'

A WOMAN who was allegedly forced as a schoolgirl to become a sexual plaything for a quasi-religious group has told a court that when she became pregnant she was told not have an abortion — because her baby was an "occult child".

The witness also claimed to have been warned that if she ever "breathed a word" about her experiences she would be killed.

The woman was yesterday continuing her evidence at the trial of five people from neighbouring properties in Clos yr Onnen, Kidwelly, who allegedly committed sex offences against children as part of a cult.
According to the pros- ecution, Colin Batley was the "evil and manipulative" leader of a "bizarre and closely entwined" group.

The woman, giving evidence yesterday, told members of the jury: "When I became pregnant I wanted to have an abortion, and I discussed it with Colin Batley.

"But he said I wasn't allowed to have a termination because it would be an occult child," she claimed.

When she began giving her evidence at Swansea Crown Court on Tuesday, the witness claimed to have been initiated into the cult when she was a schoolgirl by having sex with Batley after being forced to wear an upside-down crucifix.

Now aged in her 30s, the woman described meeting Batley and his wife, Elaine Batley, when she was in her teens.

Initially, she thought they were "nice", she said, but the couple's attitude towards her then changed, and Colin Batley warned her she that would be killed if she did not obey him.

A sixth defendant, not said to be part of the cult, is from Bedfordshire.

There are not guilty pleas to an indictment comprising 46 charges — and the case involves five alleged victims, who cannot be named in press reports for legal reasons.

Colin Batley, who faces multiple charges of rape, buggery and possessing child pornography, is also accused of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and indecent assault.

His female co-accused are his Elaine Batley, 47, Jacqueline Marling, 42, Sandra Iveson, 45, and Millar, 35.
Elaine Batley and Millar face charges of gross indecency and sexual activity with a child, while Iveson also faces a charge of gross indecency.

Marling is accused, with Colin Batley, of "causing prostitution", while Marling is further accused of sexual activity with a child, gross indecency and aiding and abetting a rape alleged to have been committed by him.

Vincent Barden, 70, of Kempston, Bedfordshire, is accused of one charge of rape when allegedly aided and abetted by Colin Batley.

During her evidence yesterday, the witness told how Barden once paid Colin Batley £100 to have sex with her.
She also described how, when she later found an opportunity to "get out of the occult", Batley warned her that if she ever "breathed a word to anybody" about her experiences, she would be killed.

The case continues.

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