Monday, February 21, 2011

Spy Shots from 'The Hobbit' Set in Wellington

Hobbit spy shots from Wellington! You old school AICN readers ought to be feeling very nostalgic right about now!

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Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. This year we celebrate the 15th anniversary of Ain't It Cool News. Can you believe it? It's really nice of Hollywood to play along with a slate of films that represent a kind of greatest hits of AICN.
There's a Batman film in the works (the big twist here is that this time they're GOOD), we got an X-Men movie coming out this year and Peter Jackson is prepping The Hobbit in Wellington, NZ as we speak.

My reaction upon seeing TORn's gallery of spy shots from the Stone Street stages was a great wave of nostalgic emotion. I remember drooling along with the rest of you as long lens spy shots appeared on the net. The anticipation that built to The Fellowship of the Ring was bliss and the movie actually delivered! How about that!?!
Will The Hobbit deliver as well? I can only hope so. I know the passion of everyone involved is at the same level as it was during the filming of the original trilogy and I, for one, am getting excited to see what comes up.

The One Ring.Net's spy has some major balls on him for taking all these pics, and as close as he got to the sound stages. Methinks security might be a little tighter this coming week than it was last week...
Click on either of the images to visit TORN and scope them all out!

Holy shit! New Tolkien is happening! From the creative minds that brought us the LOTR trilogy!
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