Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bow Before Viggo Mortensen!

Viggo Mortensen is a “Person of Interest” for General Zod in Zack Snyder’s SUPERMAN Reboot

While most of you know that Henry Cavill has already been cast as the iconic hero, the remaining roles for director Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot have yet to be filled. We know that Lois Lane will indeed be in the film, but aren’t sure which actresses Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan have in mind. Also, recent reports have named Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s adoptive father.

The villainous front is a little more defined as we’re fairly certain that Kryptonian badass Ursa will feature prominently.  And now, we’re hearing reports that Snyder and Nolan are interested in Viggo Mortensen to play the major villain General Zod!

What would the vindictive Ursa and the lumbering Non be without the evil genius of General Zod? According to THR, Mortensen is a “person of interest” to portray the leader of the Kryptonian trio.

Meanwhile, Mortensen is currently engaged in talks to play the role of the huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman. If those negotiations fall through, Mortensen’s schedule could open up to allow filming for Superman, which begins shooting later this year. Then again, if Viggo wants the role badly enough, Universal and Warner Bros. could work out a way to allow him to film both.

Owing to the tentpole nature of this franchise, and the fact that Snyder’s and Nolan’s names are attached to it, any role in the reboot is a hot commodity. I personally would love to see Mortensen show his chops as a bad guy. Do you think he would make a good General Zod? And who would you like to see going head to head against Superman as Non? Leave your comments below and stay updated with future Superman news.
Viggo Mortensen

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