Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jasper is a doll. No, really, he is!

But for your Hollywood Crush editors girls who like this sort of thing, a new "Twilight" character debuted at this year's Toy Fair 2011 in doll form; Jasper action figures are soon to be available for purchase, and Tonner Doll Co. representative Robert Tonner gave us a sneak peak at the itty-bitty vampire.

The company got "likeness rights" for the doll, which means that Jasper looks exactly like Jackson Rathbone. (Honestly, it's kind of freaky!) And according to Mr. Tonner, while some actors aren't so happy about being reproduced in doll form, both Jackson and Ashley Greene have been ultra-cool and on-board with being miniaturized for the benefit of Twi-hards everywhere.

Looking to round out your plastic Cullen family with Jasper? You can snag him later this summer... just in time to dress him up, buy him some popcorn and bring him as your date to the premiere of "Breaking Dawn."
Not that we're going to do that.

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