Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Train Your Dangon 2 deets

THIS report over at THR offers a bit more insight into what we can expect from the now-being-scripted HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON sequel.  

We've recently heard that the new picture would be much "larger" than its predecessor, a notion returning writer/director Dean BeBlois seems to reinforce:  

"It's going to be quite epic. We are treating How To Train Your Dragon as the first act in a much larger story. As we head into this one, the world expands. Everything is much bigger with still the heartfelt qualities that made the first one resonate so much with audiences. There are no longer restrictions to this tiny island in the North Sea. They have the entire Northern hemisphere within their grasp."

Returning Producer Bonnie Arnold continues with a not-terribly-surprising spoiler, "There will be some new dragons and maybe some new characters. It's the further adventures of Hiccup on his journey of becoming a man and the ultimate leader of the Viking clan."

Last year's progenitor film grossed nearly $495 million globally (as figure which I believe does not include strong home video sales),  and recently garnered an Oscar nomination in the Animated Feature Film category.  John Powell's soaring score was also nominated.  I've loved Powell's work for a long, long time and am giddy to see him recognized for this film.  


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