Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watch: Wonder Woman Audition Footage That Should Make Us All VERY Worried

Will the New TV Series Ruin 'Wonder Woman' as We Know Her?
Earlier this month we learned that script details from the upcoming new Wonder Woman TV series had leaked to the Internets and what we learned wasn’t pretty. Many changes have apparently been made to the Wonder Woman character that had me worried. The news this week that Adrienne Palicki has been cast in the role of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman alleviated some of my concerns … for a minute … but new details about the show have come to light that have me even more worried than ever. Is the David E. Kelley version of Wonder Woman going to undo all of the amazing, strong female power that Wonder Woman has always had? It’s starting to look that way.

Now that Adrianne Palicki has been cast as NBC’s new Wonder Woman, what will her life be like? This leaked audition tape for David E. Kelley’s new TV series showcases some interesting dialog between the ice cream loving CEO and her minions… mostly about her breasts. As we discussed earlier, in this TV series Wonder Woman has two alternate identities: Diana Prince is also Diana Themyscyra, head of Themyscyra enterprises — basically a female Tony Stark. She runs the company and the whole world knows that she is crime fighting as Wonder Woman on the side. Which means one thing: merchandising! This audition tape (above) for Tanit Phoenix (Death Race 2) showcases exactly how terrible the merchandising is that poor Diana has to consider. The whole thing is enough to make Diana feel inadequate about her cup size, something she’s happy to discuss endlessly during a business meeting. The tape, which was uploaded yesterday, never says outright that this is the script for the NBC series. But the clues are all there: they call her character Diana, and she’s looking at a line of dolls that fund her crime fighting. It all seems just as horrifying as the script review we posted earlier. Just the “big tits save lives” line alone is enough to make us want to claw our faces off.
UGH! This is horrible!! I could only watch 1 minute of this audition tape before I had to stop. This is not Wonder Woman! As much as I’d be willing to let some changes take place with the character for this new TV series, my love for the character will not allow me to accept a Wonder Woman who would ever be lowered to the point of worrying about her breast size … or the breast size of her own action figure! This shit sounds worse than fan fiction! I pray this crap gets sorted out before the show makes it to air. I’m telling you right now, despite how much I would LOVE to see Wonder Woman brought to life again, I will not waste my time with a version of the character that undermines everything that the character represents. What do y’all think of this footage? Are you as worried as I am?

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