Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iron Man 3 News!

Shane Black to write & direct IRON MAN 3?!?!?!

Ain't It Cool News
Nordling here.

Definitely not a sure thing yet, but Hollywood Reporter is saying tonight that Shane Black is "in contention" to write and direct the third IRON MAN installment.  This is welcome news to fans of the series and of Black, who really is one of the good guys.  I don't even have to go into the guy's resume here, just to say this is the man that wrote the tremendous KISS KISS BANG BANG where every line of dialogue should be on a t-shirt.
Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr. working together again would be terrific, and I think he'd give the franchise that breath of fresh air that it needs right now.  IRON MAN 2 wasn't bad, but it definitely felt like a rushed pre-strike script, and a new take on Shellhead wouldn't be out of line.  There's probably a lot of names vying for the job right now, but the fact that the Reporter put this out there must mean that Black's pretty high on the list.  Good for him and hope it happens for the guy.  He's a terrific writer and director and he'd definitely bring a lot of fun to IRON MAN.
Nordling, out.

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