Monday, February 21, 2011

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Monday, February 21st 2011

Hot Slut Of The Day!

Miss Switch from the 1980s cartoon TV specials titled The Trouble with Miss Switch and Miss Switch to the Rescue. By day Miss Switch is a substitute teacher who dresses like Lady Gaga's version of Little House on the Prairie shit, and by night she rips off her glasses, shakes her hair cape out and becomes a sexy witch who is trying to stop her arch rival Saturna from destroying her. You know, the existence of Miss Switch totally slipped off my memory until Dlisted reader Ernie brought her ass up and she totally came back to me.

ABC would show The Trouble with Miss Switch a couple of times a year and I totally remember watching it on Saturday mornings while eating frozen Belgian waffles. Looking back, I now realize how I was able to nibble on a piece of frozen dough in front of an analog TV on a weekend morning. Miss Switch's beauty and charisma made it so. What's not to love? Miss Switch sort of looks like Gina Gershon's prettier and younger post-op transsexual brother. In a Miss Cartoon Witch beauty pageant, Miss Switch would win the title over cartoon Samantha Stephens by a landslide. Bitch also has the eyebrows of a black cat's tail and a jawline so sharp that she can carve a jack 'o lantern with it. Further...more, she's named after an abuelita's second weapon of choice (after a chankla, of course)!


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