Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Davies talks Torchwood's Return

Russell T. Davies has discussed the return of Torchwood for a fourth series during an interview with BBC Wales Today. Filming for the fourth series titled Torchwood: Miracle Day is currently taking place in Cardiff and other locations in Wales. Filming began on the fourth series last month in Los Angeles but has relocated to Wales for filming this week with actors John Barrowman and Eve Myles both taking part in the scenes. Creator and show-runner Russell. T Davies has discussed the Doctor Who spin-off in an interview with BBC Wales Today.

It's brilliant to return to Torchwood - in a way for me Torchwood never went away because it always lives in my head, really. The chance to take those characters, take Eve Myles's character Gwen Cooper and obviously Captain Jack, played by John Barrowman. It's their fourth year of stories now, it's kind of like they have become modern legends, I love that. And I think people of Wales have enjoyed it, everyone's in on the story, they're kind of in on the fun of it all, it's great to keep going. - Russell T. Davies speaking to BBC Wales Today.

The fourth series of Torchwood has an "international scale" as death stops - no one on Earth dies. It isn't long before the Torchwood team are reunited, along with some new members, as they try to uncover the reason behind the so-called "miracle". Joining John Barrowman and Eve Myles for Torchwood: Miracle Day will be Kai Owen and Tom Price reprising their roles. It's also been confirmed that actor William Thomas is reprising his role of Geraint, Gwen Cooper's father. The character was previously seen in the season two episode Something Borrowed. In the interivew with Wales Today Davies also confirmed that actress Sharon Morgan was reprising her role of Gwen's mother, Mary. New cast members for Torchwood include Lauren Ambrose, Bill Pullman, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Hayins, Arlene Tur, Lena Kaur and Dichen Lachman.

It was also recently revealed which of the writers would be penning what episode. Showrunner Russell T Davies is penning the opening and closing episodes. Jane Espenson has written episodes three, five, seven and eight the latter of which is co-written with Ryan Scott. John Shiban has written episode six and Doris Egan Episode Two. Each episode will also have an individual title ala seasons one and two.

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