Wednesday, March 2, 2011

X-men - The Hellfire Club

A Pic Of The Hellfire Club From X-MEN: FIRST CLASS!!

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Merrick here...
The latest issue of Empire - the one with the new Prime on the cover (see it HERE) - also has a photo from X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, which is now online over at Empire's site. 

Empire describes the image thusly...
Featuring Kevin Bacon - as Shaw, the leader of decadent mutant bastards, The Hellfire Club - and January Jones as his right-hand woman (stop sniggering), the telepath Emma Frost in their snazzy secret lair, it's yet another indicator that Matthew Vaughn's 60s-set prequel will have a visual flair that sets it apart from the previous X-movies.
Click the image to jump to a slightly EMBIGGENABLE version...
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