Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tom Hardy ('Inception'/Bane in 'Batman: The Dark Knight Rises') is nude in new short film (No pun intented;-)

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Inception star Tom Hardy, who will also star in the upcoming sequel film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, is featured in a new short film titled Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother which is scheduled to screen at the New York Digital Short Film Festival next weekend. But right now, we get to check out video of the short film that features Hardy in all his full frontal nekkid glory. The clip, obviously, is very NSFW as it features nudity, strong lanugage and violence … but if you’re interested in seeing Tom Hardy without any clothes on, you’re gonna wanna check out the screencaps and video below.

Click the image above to see the NSFW images … be warned, there is penis to be had. You can watch video of the short film below on You Tube, while the embed remains online:

Skip to the 2:00 mark to see Tom Hardy nekkid, cuz let’s be honest … that’s really all we care about right now, right? What do y’all think of this short film? Is it the sort of thing that tickles your fancy? Enjoy!
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