Wednesday, March 16, 2011

X Factor star turns to Tarot to predict her future

Give Cheryl Cole their card! Katie Waissel spotted going for Tarot reading
X Factor star turns to Tarot to predict her future
Predicting big things: Katie Waissel heads to Tarot Pic: © Beretta Sims Rex Features

Katie Waissel treated herself to a spot of shopping while in Brighton for The X Factor Live tour. While pottering around the boutique stores, she also seized the opportunity to take a sneak peek into her future, with the help of a mysterious Tarot reader.

The ‘kooky’ singer was pictured leaving the old fashioned Fortune Teller’s caravan, looking across between Gwen Stefani and Hilda Ogden, as she sported peroxide locks, a headscarf and must-have, oversized, celeb sunglasses.

She was no doubt enquiring about where her future lies and if her debut album will set the charts on fire – yes she has an album out already.

The 24 year old surprised fans by releasing a record of tracks she wrote and recorded before, controversially, making in on to The X Factor last year.

She told Ok! Magazine “It’s about the life and death of love.” Deep.

Katie also told the magazine: “It would be so wonderful to do a tour of my own someday soon, and continue to perform up and down the country. Also to continue writing I am so excited to get back into the studio!”

Will her dreams come true? Perhaps the Tarot had the answers…

Katie could do with passing on the Tarot reader's number  to former mentor Cheryl Cole, who will be longing (like the rest of us) to know if she will land the blooming US X Factor gig.


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