Friday, March 18, 2011

Robert Pattinson Does British ‘Playgirl’ Magazine

Great news, Robert Pattinson fans … your main man is featured on the cover of the debut issue of British Playgirl magazine. Playgirl here in the US, as you may know, features nude men pictorials and was created an answer to Playboy magazine (which features nude women pictorials). The bad news is that R. Pattz is NOT featured nude in the magazine … but, apparently, there is a wicked cool article about him. Check out Rob‘s Playgirl cover below and read all about this new UK version of Playgirl magazine.

Issue 1 – Welcome to the very first issue of Playgirl, the UK ‘s hottest women’s magazine. Forget what you think you know about Playgirl; we’ve come a long way from our roots, and this UK edition is a marked departure from our foreign stable mates. Every month in Playgirl, you’ll find the best entertainment for women that money can buy, from the hottest Brits on the box or in the movies to Hollywood hunks and real, true life stories. Our fashion team have been trawling High Streets across the country in search of the best looks, and our resident experts are here to make your life a little easier. Of course, I couldn’t really go any further without mentioning our men! Yes, every issue will feature the coolest hunks we can lay our hands on, and we’re delighted to share them with you each and every month. But remember, we have to release them all back into the wild every month, so don’t get too attached!
LOL!! What better way to get the attention of magazine buyers than to put Robert Pattinson on your cover. Because everyone knows what kind of magazine Playgirl is, the assumption will be that Robert Pattinson is nekkid in the mag. Brilliant. But, I gotta say, if a potential consumer (either female or male) is interested in nekkid photos of R. Pattz, they are prolly interested in nekkid photos of other men as well so … I’m guessing Playgirl may sell well in the UK. What do y’all think? Do YOU plan to pick up this issue of Playgirl magazine?

**Here's a picture just to remind you how beautiful Rob is!

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