Thursday, March 3, 2011

That 3D CONAN THE BARBARIAN movie starring that Baywatch dude - has a cool Motion Poster!

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Hey folks, Harry here...

I know that Jason Momoa has his fans - but CONAN THE BARBARIAN 3D has a lot to prove before I can get too excited.   I liked the script - it felt like it could be a really cool CONAN movie, but so much has to fall right in the hands of Marcus Nispel.   Who was once set to direct Arnold way back in the day in a film.   But instead of Arnie, this is a CONAN film with a smaller Conan.   Played by a star of BAYWATCH, NORTH SHORE and STARGATE ATLANTIS...   and what that means is anyone's guess.   The film will be scored by Zack Snyder's go to composer, Tyler Bates - who has done all of his films.   The DP - well he's less proven.   I mean, Eddie Murphy's SHOWTIME is the only real feature credit.  There's a lot of questions.   But there's no doubt that this motion poster has its heart in the right place.   I just wonder if this film will even turn out as a watchable flick.   I'm going in to this without much hope, but hoping to be shocked (in a good way) - simply because I love CONAN too much to see this suck the mung from a cadaverous donkey.

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