Saturday, March 5, 2011

Group Of Witches To Cast Bind On Sheen For Use Of "Warlock"

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Witches On The Hunt For A Sheen
You've done it now, Charlie!
According to sources:
A group of [witches and] warlocks in Salem, Massachusetts say they will perform a binding ritual against Charlie Sheen Sunday to prevent him from using the word “warlock in a negative way."
If there is one thing we wouldn't want on to be on the bad side of, it would be a group of witches and warlocks!
Though, it looks like they're aiming to help him, not hurt him:
A group of witches was not happy about what they see as abuse of the word and witchcraft in general, which they claim is all about healing and peace."Warlock” originally referred to men who interacted with the spirit world and that it is not a “battle cry,” as the contexts of Sheen’s statement suggests.
And now, the group of witches plans to take matters into their own hands to prevent Sheen from abusing what they consider to be their religion.
Not gonna lie, this is probably the best news for Charlie… If it works, the group hopes to restore balance to his life!
At this point, it's our best shot!
Oh, and the ceremony is OPEN to the public, so if U live near Salem, upload it to youtube!! We'd love to see it!
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