Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Enough with the reboots already...

2013 we're going to get another TOMB RAIDER film, except that it's a reboot of the franchise, and a recasting of the Lara Croft role once played by Angelina Jolie.  Taking place at the beginning of her adventures, the new film will be produced by GK Films (RANGO, THE TOWN, the upcoming HUGO CABRET).  As the game is seemingly going under a reboot as well, it makes sense that the film franchise would start over.  No word on casting or script or director yet, but I'd imagine it would follow the same template as the other films.

I actually like the idea of a reboot of this franchise.  I don't care for the two previous films, and I thought Jolie was wrong for the part (figure notwithstanding).  If they keep the film mostly grounded, use real stuntpeople and realistic situations, and not too much CGI, this could work.  Since we're looking at a 2013 release for this, pre-production looks to begin quickly, and the production company is one of quality.  Graham King's produced many of Martin Scorsese's recent films, and I think they'll deliver the adventure film we've been asking for.

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