Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pagan Pride festival upsets Catholic Youth Organization


Two very different cultures met on one large open field and it led to some tense moments Saturday afternoon.
For the fourteenth year in a row, Broad Ripple Park was home to the annual Pagan Pride Day, an all-day event that started early this morning to commemorate the autumnal equinox.
Saturday was also a cross country meet for the Catholic Youth Organization which involved hundreds of kids and parents. It turns out the festival rented the field for the day and the CYO participants had to run around the festival.
"They can do it someplace else. It is inappropriate here. It is embarrassing. I was outraged by it," said one parent.
"You have a constitutional right to believe what you want and that is part of the freedom from religion," said a festival participant.
Both parties seemed to come to terms eventually.

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