Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kenya: Group to Protect Witchcraft Suspects

THE youth in Ganze have formed a group to fight against killing of elderly people suspected to practice witchcraft. In a campaign by the Amkeni youth group from Bamba division dubbed wazee waishi, the youth condemned the killings and urged those behind them to stop them.
Led by Amos Kahindi, the youth said in Bamba town yesterday: "When we have issues at hand we run to the elderly for advice.
They are also a source of inspiration to us. Some of them could be practicing witchcraft but we need to look for a solution that will make them change from the vice and perform the duties they are expected to."
"The killing of the elderly is a disaster that the government needs to address keenly. If we do not have an elder in the family, whom are we going to consult?" asked Agnes Kazungu, a member of the group.
The group said it will use theatre and songs to convey the message across the district and asked the government to support their course. Kahindi said the group has organised several plays and dances "to urge the perpetrators to use their machetes on the farms and not on the bodies of the elderly".
Speaking during the launch of the programme, Kaya Godoma elderly rescue centre coordinator Mangi Mitsanze congratulated the youth for coming up with the idea and said the Kaya elders will lay their support for the programme.
"This is a good project that needs backing by everyone in this community because we even do not know where to hide the elderly. Whenever you need any advice from us you are most welcome and will make sure you succeed in your programme," said Mangi.

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