Deepak Chopra joined HuffPost Live's Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Friday to discuss politics, spirituality and the ongoing protests in the Middle East.
"The one thing you do in any resolution of any conflict is you treat your perceived enemy with respect," Chopra said. "The rage in Islam is the perception of disrespect and humiliation."
Chopra said that "what we call religion is really cultural mythology" and said that the mythologies are "based on world views that are really obsolete."
"The clash of cultures and mythologies could lead to our collective devastation and destruction," he said.
Chopra also spoke out against Mitt Romney, saying that the Obama administration's response to the widespread anti-American protests triggered by the provocative YouTube film deemed offensive to Mohammed was "sober" and handled "correctly."
"I feel in fact quite distressed that Mr. Romney used this not only to polarize the situation between our government and other governments in the world but to fragment our own population and to polarize people in our own country about this issue," he said.
Chopra also tweeted about the situation:

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