Monday, January 17, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Teaser: Something Witchy This Way Comes

Televisions Blend By Kelly West

If this latest True Blood teaser is to be interpreted by the fairly obvious hints, Season 4 will be the season of the witch.

The teaser, which
HBO released this weekend, shows absolutely nothing from Season 4, which is “Coming soon.” HBO mentions no specific premiere date but expect the vampire-centric drama to return this summer.

Now, I’ve only just started reading the books and I’m nowhere near an introduction to witch characters, however those of you who are caught up with Season 3 of True Blood might remember Wiccan waitress Holly, who befriends Arlene. I suspect we’ll be learning more about her in Season 4 if the series is going to be exploring witchcraft.

***Note - I have read all of the books.  This plot line is going to be a show changer...

Link to trailer - Youtube

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