Sunday, January 16, 2011

Help Us Help Evie

Help Us Help Evie Benefit At the Canal Club in RVA!/event.php?eid=191944730822957&index=1

**Note - This is my daughter's godmother!  HELP!!!

Music fans in the Richmond area are aware of uber-volunteer Evie Wilkerson. Evie is a fixture at Innsbrook After Hours, the Monument Avenue 10K, the Suntrust Marathon, and the Richmond Folk Festival, helping to ensure that each of those events run as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, tragedy struck last week and Evie lost everything in a fire at her home (don't worry, Evie was not injured). In an effort to get her back on her feet as soon as possible, we have set up an account at Wachovia to allow family & friends to help Evie get back to a life as normal as possible. You may drop by any Wachovia location and ask donate to the Yvonne Wilkerson account ending 5158. Evie does so much for all of us and never seeks for herself...

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