Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doctor Who: Karen Gillan BBC photoshoot

All dressed up and nowhere to materialise...

Rarely averse to leveraging the sex-appeal of the Time Lord's assistants, the BBC has made available (via BBC pictures) a straight photoshoot of latest Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan, apparently in relation to no particular upcoming story. There's actually something quite retro about these pics, the kind of naiveté that recalls the 1960s Twiggy shoots.

Guess it makes sense. The Doctor's companions, male and female alike, have always had a double-role to fulfil: being 'crumpet' for the dads (or the mums, in the case of the male assistants - and let's not even talk about the demographics for Captain Jack) and identifiable role-models/points-of-entry for the show's target younger viewers, an aspect reflected in one or two of these photos...Gallery

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