Friday, January 21, 2011

‘Red Riding Hood’ Releases A Second Movie Trailer

In November, we got our first look at the first trailer released for the new film Red Riding Hood based on the classic fairytale story. As you may recall, the clip gave us a look at the romance that will be featured in the film but was light on showing us the actual wolf part. Today we get to feast our eyes on the just-released second movie trailer … and this time, we get a quick peek at the wolf.

As I mentioned before, I LOVE the idea of turning the tale of Little Red Riding Hood into a romantic remake with a werewolf villain. It’s just the sort of thing that audiences are really going for these days. I love how this second trailer shows a lot more action. I know we only get a quick peek but doesn’t the werewolf in this trailer look a lot like the werewolves we get in The Twilight Saga films?

Gary Oldman will make this movie, no doubt … I think I am even more excited by this second trailer. I kinda love that they used the Nine Inch Nails song The Hand That Feeds in this trailer. Color me impressed … can’t wait to see more. What do you think?

Red Riding Hood Trailer #2 | 2011 HD - Youtube

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