Saturday, January 22, 2011

Malawi's Not Happy With Madonna For Abandoning Building $15M Institution

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Earlier this month, Madonna announced that instead of building one massive institution in Malawi to foster the minds of young girls, she was going to take the $15 million she promised the country and build several smaller, but just as effective schools around the country.

However, local officials have not seen the Queen of Pop break ground on any of these other supposed schools and have been left wondering if Madge has broken her promise to them. The village of Chinkhota is particularly annoyed as their home was where the original institution was supposed to be built.Peter Mutharika, the education minister of Malawi told sources:
"We'd like to know why she has changed. Yes, we do appreciate that it is her project; she devised it and she knows best how to implement it. But still, as government, we'd be interested to know why there is this change. I honestly don't know the number of schools she is going to construct, where she will build and for how long. So until we talk to her, we can't comment much."
Fear not, Malawi! We don't think Madge will leave you in suspense for much longer. Knowing her, we're sure she is devising an even grander, more effective project as we speak. Give her time to work out the kinks she needs to on her end. You'll see, she'll come through!
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