Sunday, April 24, 2011

SPOILERS - Doctor Who: Episode 6.1 ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ - A+

Opening scene - the Doctor (Matt Smith) appears to be the 17th century. An angry man is waving a sword and has two men behind him, yelling for the Doctor.  We then see a painting of the Doctor, sans clothes. The three men burst into the room to see a Lady with a paintbrush and a guilty look. The man asks again “where is the Doctor”, and her reply is “Doctor Who?” Then a cough and everyone looks down at her skirt.  The angry man takes his sword and lifts up the front of her skirt, and we see a naked Doctor, who says “you know this isn’t nearly as bad as it looks.”  So sets the scene for the return of the Doctor in ‘The Impossible Astronaut.’ 

I can honestly say this is my favourite season opener since Christopher Eccleston said, “Run!”  I will not give any major details, but after a VERY major death in the first 5 minutes, I was hooked and horrified!  The aliens in this episode are amazingly creative, thank you Mr. Moffet.  I have not been that frightened by an alien since those ^#%^%$@ weeping angels.  They are probably so effective as a foe because as soon as you take your eyes off of them you forget you ever saw them. With the discovery of the tunnels and their story, they will go down as an instantly classic.  The fact that Amy keeps seeing the aliens means that her special gifts are again coming into play.  I wonder how her big news will come into play in future episodes?

The whole episode, however, is centered on the continued development of the enigmatic River Song, who with all her talk of spoilers may have let on more than she intended.  The Doctor does not trust her, but is drawn to her.  Is she the Femme Fatale or is she the hero?  We have to wait and see…

If you missed this first episode, then you have missed an exceptional start to what will be an excellent season.  Watch it on On Demand or ITunes, if you dare.

Doctor Who airs on BBC America on Saturdays at 9e/p.

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