Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review - Sanctuary

Guest Blog by Ron Ford of 'Open Wheel Mini'

'Sanctuary' (Monday nights on SyFy) is a series caught somewhere between the X-Files, X-Men, and Bring ‘em Back Alive, for those who remember that short lived Bruce Boxleitner series. Those who tune in to see Stargate’s Amanda Tapping may be disappointed, as she plays Helen Magnus, who runs The Sanctuary, a halfway house for abnormals, mutants, and freaks. It’s a character far removed from her Capt. Carter counterpart, who was compassionate, Magnus is calculated and distant, and her bad British accent grates on some.  But for those who like the idea of an HG wells-esque world where the likes of Nicolai Tesla, and Dr. Watson, match wits with mermaids, witches, and Gods there is a lot to enjoy here. While characters like the witty Twilight reading Sasquatch played superbly by Christopher Heyerdahl, and the loveable werewolf Henry, played by Ryan Robbins may grab some of the spotlight, the real star of this show are the settings. It’s shot 90% green screen, most settings are CGI and beautifully done. The stories are seamlessly woven and told through the eyes of the skeptic Will Zimmerman, played by Robin Dunne, an ex NYCP forensic doctor who is recruited by the sanctuary for his open mind. It is one of two series where a laser battle with vampires inside the great pyramids would not be out of place, and this series has several loveable complex doctors.

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