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Glee's Chris Colfer Talks About His New Pilot!

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Chris Colfer Opens Up About Projects
We let you guys know about Chris Colfer's upcoming projects recently, and most specifically his new show pilot The Little Leftover Witch for the Disney channel!
Now, he's talking about it!
Here's some of what the young 20-year-old actor has to say:
My agent’s husband bought the rights to the book [Florence Laughlin's The Little Leftover Witch]. They brought it to me and told me they were in talks with Disney and knew that I was a hidden writer and asked me to adapt it into a screenplay. I said, “Yeah, absolutely.” I got the book on a Friday night and I adapted the screenplay by Sunday night. I got so into it. I wrote like a 102 page screenplay in two days. The story was just so cute about this little witch that falls and gets lost on Halloween night and gets stuck with this family. I just totally fell in love with the story and the characters and then added a bunch of stuff and made it my own. Disney bought the screenplay and then asked me to develop it into a TV series.
What! A full adaptation in two days?? That's so impressive, Chris!
What's it about?
Yes. It’s basically about a neglected witch [who] winds up crashing into this family’s life and the little daughter — her name is Lucy — finds a new best friend. They both fill a void in each other’s life. It’s like one of those “Oh, I finally found a best friend” kind of stories.
I think everyone wishes for some kind of powerful, imaginary best friend to pop in when they’re younger and lonely. I mean, I certainly did. It’s just a cute story and anyone can relate to it.
That sounds super cute, no joke! We really can't wait to see what comes of it, it's cool that we're aware of it at the ground level so we can watch it grow!

You're so busy! It's a wonder when you have ANY time to remember lines, let alone write a full script in one weekend! We're kinda in awe about that!

Don't burn yourself out though, we want you to be around for a long time!
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