Monday, April 18, 2011

Sci-Fi TV Update: de Lancie To Guest On Torchwood: Miracle Day

by Staff
Star Trek: The Next Generation’s enigmatic Q John De Lancie is headed to another sci-fi series, this time the new season of Torchwood titled "Torchwood: Miracle Day". And in other sci-fi TV news, the Stargate franchise seems to have been completely put to an end (or at least hibernation) with the announcement that all Stargate DVD movie projects (including one with Voyager’s Bob Picardo) have been stopped.

John de Lancie to guest star on Torchwood: Miracle Day
Torchwood Miracle Day is the title for the fourth season of the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood coming to the BBC in the UK and Starz in the US this summer. Last night writer Jane Espenson (formerly of Battlestar Galactica, Caprica and even an episode of Deep Space Nine) sent out a series of tweets announcing a special guest star for the show, first hinting "He’s de Licious. He’s de Lightful. He’s de Lovely…, then when a follower got the hint she revealed that John de Lancie will indeed be a guest star for Torchwood Miracle: Day

de Lancie (left on "Breaking Bad" in 2009) to guest star on "Torchwood: Miracle Day" (first promo image right)

This season will shake up the whole show of Torchwood. According to executive producer Russell T. Davies) is "The premise is a miracle happens to the world. The old stay old and keep getting older. The dying keep dying, but no one quite dies. The possibility of death ceases to exist." As TNG’s Q, de Lancie is no stranger to miracles. 

Torchwood Miracle Day premieres on Starz on July 8th. Here is a promo.

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