Monday, April 18, 2011

Kate Hudson Using Witchcraft to Determine Sex of Baby

So how can she be so sure?

"So here's the pendulum test," she explained to Entertainment Tonight.

"You take a piece of your hair, and you take a ring… and you string it through--this is very witchy of me! And then what you do, is you hold it over your stomach. And then [if it moves in a] circle, [it's] a girl, and a boy goes back and forth."

She then held it over her stomach where the ring circled around her belly. "How crazy is that?" she asked.

So will she be disappointed if she ends up having a boy? "If [the baby] comes out a boy--to see the look on Ryder's face to have a brother? I mean, forget it!"

I'm tempted to find a random pregnant woman on the street and try this out. If any of you amazing readers are expecting, test this out and let us know the results in the comments section below.

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