Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rest in Peace - Tony Curtis

When I was little, my mum and I used to go to the Byrd Theatre in Richmond every few days.  They showed old films and we were able to escape in double features starring Dietrich, Power, Grant, Gable, etc.  My favourite was Marilyn Monroe.  The first time I ever saw her (11/12 years old) on screen was in a double feature of The Misfits and Some Like It Hot.  We sat there and I remember looking at my mum and saying, "Why is that guy trying to be Cary Grant?"  Tony Curtis with his awful Cary Grant impression, which I realize now was a homage to Cary, was the first time my mum ever said she was proud of me.  I knew the difference.  That movie was a major bonding moment for my mum and I, and I will never forget him.  Do yourself a favour tonight and rent one of his films.  My favs are Some Like It Hot, Operation Petticoat, The Defiant Ones and the amazingly underrated The Great Race.

Rest in Peace, Tony.

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