Saturday, September 4, 2010

New "Let Me In" Clip

From Empire Magazine Online -

     Commenters, hold your horses. Let The Right One In fans, cool your jets. Before you scream bloody murder about how Let Me In is a remake that just didn't need to be made, check out this brand new clip the guys over at Hammer have released - because it really is a belter.

     There's no Chloe involved, sure, but it's an exciting little snippet that should make haters think twice about dismissing the upcoming Vampire horror.

     And if this gets you excited about the whole project, why not check out the new poster, some stills from the movie, and the trailer - if you haven't already, that is.

     So what do you reckon? Any minds changed here, or is it still never going to compare to the Swedish original? Let us know, why doncha.

     And while you're still here - we have a couple of brand new stills from the movie to peruse.

Let Me In is out October 29.

Alastair Plumb
Empire Magazine Online

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