Sunday, October 7, 2012

Johnny Depp happy 'Lone Ranger" wraps up: 'Movie has really kicked his butt'
Johnny Depp is ready for the “Lone Ranger” shoot to come to an end. Wrapping up filming this month, sources dished on Johnny’s feelings for the movie – after he injured his back for the second time. Friday news of Johnny Depp's back injury describes some intense pain for the popular actor.
“While it's been hard to accept that he can't perform such demanding feats anymore, Johnny is seeing it. He threw out his back twice while shooting the movie and then had to push through, getting massages in between takes."
The movie is nearing the end of filming and the recent movie trailer has been released to start the promotional leg of the film. Will Depp watch the movie trailer and remember all the pain as he suffered back injuries and frequent falls off the horse? Johnny can also be glad the movie is wrapping up because now he might be able to get a good night's sleep.
"Johnny is also struggling with sleep problems so the crew has had to adjust to the face that he can't shoot all night. He needs at least six hours of shut eye. This movie has really kicked his butt. He's so happy it's wrapping up and has joked that his body wouldn't be able to take another month of it."
The new longer version of the trailer for the Lone Ranger was released on Wednesday, making an instant impact movie buffs. Starting out with the concept of the steam train’s introduction and the new world it brings, the movie trailer highlights the basic struggle with control of the future.
Tonto says: “There comes a time, Kemosabe (faithful friend), when a good man must wear a mask” The voice of Depp is thrilling the fans this week. The movie clip instantly draws viewers into another world. Now, if only Depp will be well enough to shoot another movie, pronto!

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