Sunday, August 5, 2012

Colin Farrell is Wild About Yoga

Colin Farrell Yoga
Irish movie star Colin Farrell is a hot yogi after class.
Go on, keep moving. Nothing to see here. Just another Hollywood hunk with a reputation as a potty mouthed wild man all sweaty from getting in a little yoga time in LA.
Yep, even adorable bad boy celebs like Colin Farrell are getting on their mats. Colin was spotted post-yoga class with his mat and sweat towel in tow, and, we could be wrong, mala beads on his wrist?
Though the 36-year-old star (AlexanderIn BrugesTotal Recall) has a history of some crazy tabloid-headlining party and drug antics, it seems he’s taking a healthier approach to feeling good as a responsible guy and papa to his two sons.

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