Sunday, August 19, 2012

New American Horror Story Teaser - SUPER CREEPY

** This might be worse that the Weeping Angels!

Perez Hilton
Okay…we knew this show was twisted, but this is SERIOUSLY giving us the heebie jeebies!
A second teaser has been released for the upcoming second season ofAmerican Horror Story, titled Asylum, and if you thought the first one was a taste of the nightmarish and surreal, then we suggest you DO NOT click the play button (above)!
Unless, of course, you get off on that shiz like we do!
We'd say LOLz, but frankly, we're way too freaked out by the nuns from hell and that bizarre blue coat!
Ugh! And we thought the Rubber Man was FREAKY!
How about U?! Who else is terrified and excited for American Horror Story: Asylum?

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