Sunday, August 28, 2011

SPOILERS!!! On The Set Of ‘The Avengers’

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First we saw photos of Captain America (Chris Evans), the first Avenger, on the Cleveland, OH set of The Avengers and then we saw photos of the villainous Loki(Tom Hiddleston) on set as well. Today we get to see photos of the two men together … locked in bitter, epic battle. Click below to get a sneak peek at Captain America vs.Loki as they will be seen in next year’s film The Avengers.

Now, it seems highly unlikely that under any “normal” circumstances (well, normal for a world where gods and superheroes exist side-by-side) that Captain America would have any chance of successfully beating Loki, who is a god, in any sort of combat. My guess is that in some way, Loki will lose his godly powers and then will face the wrath ofCaptain America and his Super Solider juice. And even despite the spoilery nature of these photos, I absolutely do not mind at all that we are getting to see so much of the film this early on. All of these on-set photos have been really fun to see … I’m actually looking forward to seeing more.


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