Monday, May 9, 2011

Thor - B+

It's a fun, trashy, loud, 3D movie.  No substance and no acting like it's anything but what it is (i.e. Hulk).  I had a blast with my daughter, who can be hard to impress.  Great fun and an fantastic, yet skewed introduction to Hedonism.

Pros: A pretty cast, snappy dialog and a great perspective on the Odinist religion.  I think it will be a great conversation starter.  Loved most of the supporting cast, particularly Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston...

Cons: ...except Sif and the Warrior Three.  BAD WASTE of Ray Stevenson, BAD! Natalie Portman's dialog was great at the beginning, but sounding babbley by the end. 

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