Monday, May 16, 2011

SPOILERS! - New True Blood Trailer Oozes Tasty Time-Travelling Secrets

The latest trailer for True Blood's fourth season outlines the battle between witches and werewolves, but the devil's in the details for juicy new secrets.  

The wait for season four of True Blood has all our fans extended in anticipation, with episode descriptions, new trailers abuzz and an equal amount of teasing, but the latest has a few juicy morsels that should please.
Today HBO oozed out the second official trailer following its first and the bizarrely non-descriptive first teaser, and more than all the vampire on witch action theres a few blood-boiling frames that caught our eye.  Not only is the tension palpable between Eric Northman and the newly-single Sookie Stackhouse, but our favorite fairy isn't the only one biting off a piece!  At least not this decade...

Pay close attention to Bill's changing hairstyle throughout the below teaser, as both quick glimpses of a more punk-looking Bill and Pam suggest that we'll be flashing back to the earlier days of Fangtasian history, unless its just one hell of a costume party!  And who's that pretty young thing atop Bill nine seconds in?  The hair and lack of earring might just put Mr. Compton's tryst in present day, making a speedy recovery from that pesky breakup with Sookie.

Also worth noting in the outlined battle between the fanged and fantastical is Eric's invasion of the Coven's circle, as taking a bite out of lead witch Marnie (newcomer and Harry Potter alum Fiona Shaw) undoubtedly comes back to haunt him when the witches of Bon Temps - SPOILER ALERT - wipe his memory clean, seen later in the teaser next to Sookie without any clothes.

Had enough?  Let your blood boil with the teaser below, and let us know if you suck out any additional secrets in the comments!

True Blood's fourth season guest stars Courtney Ford (Dexter) as Detective Andy Bellefleur's lawyer sister Portia, Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter's Petunia Dursely) as the season's witchy fortune-teller and a member of Jesus' coven Marnie, and Office Space's Gary Cole.

And while we wait, theres still plenty of blood spilled over True Blood's fourth season to quench your thirst, including the first episode description, individual character teasers for Pam, Sam, Bill, Eric, Jason and Arlene, an exclusive clip, a behind-the-scenes look, and even spoilers from Paleyfest to keep you going!

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