Monday, May 30, 2011

CONTEST!!! - What is you favourite Pagan film and why?

Good morning all of my little Witchlings:-)

Today, on this lovely Memorial Day, I am going to have a contest.  This one is easy.  In the comments section, all you have to do is post your favourite Pagan-based film.  I am pretty liberal with the definition, so if you can justify it, you can post it.  For example, mine is 'Practical Magic' because it explains the Craft, but it's fun too.

Rules - You have to post it here in the comments area.  No Facebook or Twitter this time...  I will draw a winner on Friday!

Prize - 'V For Vendetta' on DVD - Thought it was oddly appropriate for the day and the countries level of crankiness;-)


1 comment:

  1. The 13th Warrior. Because it's pagan as would have actually been lived, not pagan for the sake of being sensationalist. One god may be enough for your people, but we have need of many. And I will pray to all of them for you.