Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christian Review of the Week - Megamind

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Megamind - 2010

"Negative - “Megamind” as a whole was a “fun” film. I did take my kids to see it. Ages 10, 8, 5. Here are some negatives that crossed my mind while watching it.

1. It blends good and evil. Calling evil-good and good-evil.

2. It blends what once was considered satanic music into “fun”. It uses music from ACDC (“Highway to H*ll”), Guns and Roses (“Welcome to the Jungle”), and a couple of Ozzy Osborne song (“Crazy Train” and I think another one), and to top it off with Michael Jackson (“Bad”). Leaving kids humming right along as if they were whistling Dixie. These songs are slowly creeping in to common music listened to in stadiums etc.

3. The librarian that Megamind changes himself into look like never does appear alive again in the movie, his life possibly just discarded while Megamind has turned “good” and everyone is rooting for him.

4. The good guy Metro Man. I would suspect the name was carefully chosen, not just because the live in a Metropolitan area but becaause he is “Metro” (feminine man).

5. Metro man carried out a lie which was depicted as good overall.

6. The only reasons "Megamind" turns "good" is that he is bored with his evil, he has conquered everything using his evil. He misses battling good or "Metro Man". Also because he falls "in love" with the girl and tries to get her using deception.

7. I think there is also mention of making the Titan character into a "god" (not absolutely certain about this but I think so).

8. "Megamind" breaks out of prison and is not seen as a big deal as the warden is left tied up, telling them "good luck".

9. It leaves viewers accepting, enjoying, and even rooting for "Megamind" and his evil practices throughout the movie.

I probably should not have taken my kids to see and enjoy this film. It was a mistake on my part. I can not undo them seeing this film, now I am left trying to explain things.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4"
—Adam, age 39 (USA)

May I repeat...IT'S A MOVIE!!!

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