Sunday, November 28, 2010

12 women and 23 men arrested for practicing collective witchcraft

The national police have recently succeeded in arresting 35 people who practiced witchcraft in group in a village situated south of the town of Bordj Bouarreridj, not far from El Anasser university center.

Based on information received about the presence of strangers who would come the provinces of M'sila, Setif, Mila and Constantine, in addition to others originating from BBA, who practiced collective witchcraft in a house at the place indicated.
The group was accused of practicing witchcraft and debauchery. The network is composed of 12 women and 23 men aged between 22 and 45. Among them, an old lady of 83.
The elements of the national gendarmerie, about fifty elements, have surrounded the house where the group was engaging in witchcraft around midnight and arrested the accused and seized a quantity of "B'khour" (a substance used) and various other products.
According to our sources, the accused claimed to cure diseases and exorcise the sick.
They were presented before the public prosecutor at the court of BBA, pending their trial.

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