Monday, January 9, 2012

Namibia: Shop Workers Threatened With Witchcraft

Oshakati — Two employees at Mr Price Oshakati are living in fear following constant witchcraft threats from a person suspected to be their fellow workmate.

According to police sources, the threats began in 2010, when police officials were first called to the house of one of the two female employees who had fallen victim to witchcraft threats.

Intimidations range from clothes, pictures of the two employees' heads attached to N$10 notes, water bottles containing a mixture of herbs and human hair and cellphone starter pack covers being left at the two employees' doors in the mornings.

From time to time the skeletal remains of unknown animals were also found on their gates.

New clothes with Mr Price price tags are always accompanied by notes with death threats and sometimes insults.

Threats intensified when an unknown person stabbed one of the two employees who is heavily pregnant, with a screwdriver in the stomach on Christmas Eve.

The incident happened after the employee found a note on Mr Price carrier bags on her doorstep. The note stated the employee was due to deliver an abnormal baby.

She was, however, lucky that the screwdriver did not touch her unborn baby. The woman was treated for internal bleeding.

The terrifying situation started in 2010 when one of the two women, who are also close friends, was promoted to a supervisor's position.

The supervisor, whose name was not provided, then started receiving threatening SMS's but soon her friend, who is just an ordinary employee, also started receiving similar SMS's and other forms of threats.

Employees suspect one of their male colleagues but police have not arrested him because the suspect leaves no incriminating evidence.

According to Oshana Police Acting Regional Commander Karel Theron, a case of assault by threats has been opened in the matter but no suspect has yet been arrested.

"He uses different cellphone numbers, and it seems that he disposes of the SIM cards as soon as he's sent an SMS. Because of that we can't trace the phone," explained Theron.

Theron said the suspect buys or steals clothes from the shop and leaves them at the employees' houses.

"One of the notes reads, 'If you touch these clothes, you'll die'. The manager collected the clothes and she is keeping some of them as evidence," said Theron.

New Era's attempts to talk to Mr Price's manager or affected employees was unsuccessful.

"I can't talk to the media. The matter is still with the police," said the manager who was only identified as Petty.

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