Wednesday, January 4, 2012

‘Goths Up Trees’ Is My New Favorite Thing On The Internet

The Gloss
The internet is a fickle mistress. Sometimes it sends me flying into a violent rage, ready to give up on humans as a thinking, caring species. Sometimes it makes me suspicious of all the seemingly “nice” people I interact with face-to-face on a daily basis, as I wonder which one of them might have summoned the necessary intellect to anonymously write “you suck and are ugly” on one of my blog posts. And then, just when I’m ready to sell my laptop and go farm beets somewhere, it lifts me up once again to the greatest heights of merriment.
Today, this redemption happened via a humble, single-serving site called Goths Up Trees. Written by an anonymous connoisseur of modern day Goth fashion, this tumblr delivers exactly what it promises. To go with each photo of a Goth up a tree (not in a tree or next to a tree, mind you, but fully up one), there’s a bit of commentary on the quality of said Goth-up-a-tree photo. Just how Goth is this person, and of which variety? How far up the tree has said Goth managed to climb? Is the Goth smiling like this is all a big fucking joke, or is he/she wearing the existential pain of existence on his/her face?
As a former outward Goth and eternal inner Goth, these images have a cheering, calming effect on me. Here are a few of my favorites, so far:
Goths up trees for life.

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