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An 'Original' Stan Lee Superhero Property Coming To Theaters??

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Lionsgate has nabbed movie rights to what is described as an 'original' superhero property from Stan Lee.  
Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (writers and Executive Producers on SMALLVILLE and scripters on THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR and the Michael Bay produced I AM NUMBER FOUR) will write, produce, and direct the picture. The duo are also credited with ABC's recent and quickly defunct CHARLIE'S ANGELS resurrection.  
Little is known about the undertaking at this point, although THIS piece in Variety describes the concept as "a multigenerational superhero movie that spans several decades."   
Gough and Millar are currently producing BULLET TO THE HEAD, due in theaters next year.  The picture teams Stallone, recent CONAN Jason Momoa, and Christian Slater in a revenge piece directed by the great Walter Hill (helmer of THE WARRIORS, THE LONG RIDERS, SOUTHERN COMFORT, 48 HOURS, and STREETS OF FIRE - and a producer on the first four ALIEN films). 
Many folks haven't seen, or have never even heard of, SOUTHERN COMFORT.  National Guardsmen vs- freaky Cajuns in the Louisiana Bayou.  It's quite an interesting and memorable bit of film making.  THIS Wiki entry describes the movie thusly: "The literary archetype for this film can be found in the Anabasis of Xenophon. The Anabasis tells the story of the Ten Thousand, a Greek mercenary army that had fought for Cyrus the Younger in his attempt to usurp the throne of the Persian Empire from his brother, Artaxerxes II. When Cyrus died in the Battle of Cunaxa, the Greeks were forced to march through unfamiliar territory in what is now the countries of Iraq and Turkey while frequently being attacked by the people living in those regions..."  Although, I personally think it's hard to escape Viet Nam allegories when watching the film.  SOUTHERN COMFORT is hard to find on disc at the moment, but it sometimes makes the rounds on MGM HD.  Check it out of you get a chance.  

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