Friday, December 2, 2011 Film Review of the Week - 'Happy Feet 2'

"Negative—…the parts that I scrutinized were: 1. the Evolution message, but more than that— 2. the NEW AGE MESSAGE of “empty your mind”, then whatever you wish for—just WILL IT TO HAPPEN… and it *WILL* happen!! Yes folks, this was ACTUALLY TAUGHT in this movie!! 

And then to top that was 3. the Homosexual agenda… of 2 shrimp: Bill and Will, and how they talk of having a family *together* or at least adopting together… and then when one decides he doesn’t want to—he claims he can get “another partner”. YIKES!!! Folks, even my ultra conservative friend *denied* that’s what they meant—but I HEARD IT WITH MY OWN EARS!!!… 

Fortunately (I guess… at best) the music and hap-hap-happy theme of toe-tapping music DROWN OUT these parts—and children with influential ears will likely not even catch it—doubtful most adults will even catch it. Goes to show, once again, we cannot trust Hollywood!! I only pray the Lord does not hold this against our account—for taking very innocent and young relatives to have seen this movie today. 

BTW, in addition to all these anti-God references, the movie was flat out a DUD!!!… My DH even whispered to me 1/3 of the way through” it that he just flat was not “getting it”. The plot is pretty lifeless. Mainly though… for those who choose to PLEASE GOD with what movies we choose to let into our eyes… minds… souls… I’d greatly recommend skipping this one!! Wish we would have!"
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3
—R J, age 52 (USA)

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