Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Back! With Johnny Depp!!!

Johnny Depp: My Kids Are Bored With Captain Jack Sparrow

Who could ever get tired of Johnny Depp? The actors kids, Lily-Rose, 12, and Jack, 9, are still fascinated with their dad but are apparently growing weary of the eccentric character he plays in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

"Captain Jack doesn't do it for them anymore," Johnny says. "They're so used to him now. I have to make them laugh with new characters."

"Some of the characters I've done in the past were born literally out of playing Barbie with my daughter. And if a new character works, I think, 'OK, I may put him in a drawer and use him again later."

But the Rum Diary star says he's still able to amuse other people's children by changing into the various characters he's played. "Little kids like to hear Captain Jack. But what really freaks them out is when you go from Jack to Willy Wonka. Suddenly they're like, 'I'm not sure about this guy,'" he laughs.


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